Just send us a simple e-mail with the order and we arrange the rest. We help you to find the appropriate type, to calculate the necessary primary tiles and to define the deadline as well.


The whole process is based on our weekly transports to Italy. Above that, we export to Germany, Belgium and Austria. If you want to send us something to cut, we have 2 warehouses in Hungary.


We are in touch with the best diamond tools companies in Italy who could serve our 6 cutting machines without any problem. Owing to them, we can produce a flawless cut edge.


This process is also automated and working with around 30 different moulds. If you have a special request, our experienced colleagues can piece it together by hand.


We are using the models from best Italian industrial machinery companies. Our plant was built for mosaic production so we can do the cutting and the assembling at the same place.

customer service

We speak English and German. You can call us any time and your e-mails are responded swiftly. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.